Investments with benefits, face-to-face diplomacy

Impact investing makes a mark on Southeast Asia while Cambodia remains in the U.S. spotlight

July 23, 2022
Investments with benefits, face-to-face diplomacy

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This week Southeast Asia Globe focused on people in different situations from power to poverty and aspiration to despair. The stories and opinion articles covered investors trying to turn their efforts into regional rewards beyond financial gain, an American official who practised face-to-face diplomacy in Cambodia, refugees in Indonesia who have continued suffering long after fleeing their homes and a leader whose violent death left a legacy of ambitious but practical relations. 

Globe’s Amanda Oon recently attended the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network annual conference and learned about the Global Innovation Fund, a U.K.-based nonprofit investment organisation backed by various government organisations. GIF’s new Singapore office is helping push an increased ‘impact investing’ in Southeast Asia, which involves corporate or private funding aiming for measurable environmental or social benefits.

The U.S. assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs visited Phnom Penh earlier this month and met with members of Hun Sen’s government. I covered the press conference during which Daniel Kritenbrink offered effusive support for Cambodia’s ASEAN 2022 chairmanship, but also some pointed criticisms for the Kingdom and the regional bloc over human rights abuses and lack of progress toward ending Myanmar’s violence.

Globe contributor Hussain Shah Rezaie discussed the situation for refugees in Indonesia, a group facing circumstances he said are similar to being held hostage. As a refugee in Indonesia, he has firsthand knowledge of numerous people held in ‘open prisons’ for long periods of time without knowing when they would be released and others experiencing daily struggles outside detention that have led some to take their own lives.

Following the 8 July assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Globe contributor Mark Cogan examined the impact of the 67-year-old leader’s diplomacy around Southeast Asia. In his efforts to guide Japan toward increased power, Abe remained pragmatic and enhanced relations with the governments of Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand during his tenure.

Beyond this week’s stories, we want to share the news that our parent company, Globe Media Asia, is hiring. Southeast Asia Globe, our Khmer-language sister site Focus – Ready for Tomorrow and our marketing company, Brains Communication, are on the hunt for new staff in the following roles: Editor, Junior Editor, Reporter, Videographer, Client Service Manager and Editorial Intern. Check out the job descriptions and see if you or someone you know has the skills and drive to join the team.

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