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Improving businesses, improving lives

Wing’s corporate services eliminate roadblocks that hamper operations, saving time and money for both businesses and their customer

May 28, 2019
Improving businesses, improving lives

Most people know of Wing’s personal services, to pay for goods and services, top up a cell phone or to send money to friends and family. The company’s logo is ubiquitous in Cambodia, present on thousands of stalls, storefronts and other locations that offer their services. But what people may not know is that Wing’s innovative technology applications are aiding other aspects of their lives, working behind the scenes with businesses nationwide to seamlessly facilitate payrolls, mortgage payments and transactions with government offices. Even more indirectly, by assisting business-to-business transactions, Wing makes businesses run more smoothly which allows them to provide better service to their customers.

“As one of Cambodia’s most prominent residential and commer- cial development companies, we have a vast network of customer management fees to keep track of. Wing collects the payment of management fees and gives us systematic data so we can monitor them. We can check which customers have paid via their designat- ed web portal. Plus, Wing sends us their own reports so we can verify those payments. And, of ytcourse, our customers appreciate that they can pay their management fees from the comfort of their own homes through Wing agent or Wing Money app.” – Borey Peng Huoth Management.

“In the past, majority of factories registered under GMAC had faced many difficulties in paying their workers. Those factories paid everyone in cash, meaning the HR department would have to get the money from the bank for all garment workers and then divide it up into individual envelopes. Not only did this take a lot of time, but naturally, there would sometimes be errors and it was difficult for HR to keep a consolidated list of payments. GMAC has partnered with Wing, introducing a seamless payroll service that has made all the difference. Factories disperse salaries into employee’s Wing accounts, and they can withdraw the cash from any Wing agent, or use the money to pay their other expenses via the Wing Money app.” – Mr. Ken Loo, Secretary General, Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia.

“BanhJi is a FinTech company that provides a financial operating platform to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). We help business owners to keep track of their accounting and give them performance insights. We are going to incorporate Wing into our platform so that our MSME customers can receive payments from their customers and make payment to their suppliers. With Wing integration, these collection and payment transactions are automatically recorded into our platform to eliminate double recording and reconciliation.” – Sim Chankiriroth, CEO & Founder of BanhJi.

“Our partnership with Wing has helped streamline the efficiency of deposit and loan collection, especially from our clients in the rural areas. Wing has over 6,400 agents nationwide: they constitute for Amret’s clients an additional proximity channel for transactions, complementary to our network of 156 Amret branches, and more than 1700 Amret Mobile Tellers and Client Officers offering doorstep services. In addition, Wing and Amret common clients can use their Wing Money app on self- service to transfer funds between Amret’s and Wing’s accounts; this provides them ability to manage their savings as well as payments and remittances in a very convenient manner.” – Mr. Dos Dinn, CEO of Amret Microfinance Institution.

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