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How Samanea helped businesses boom in a global pandemic

Business owners the world over have felt the pinch of the Covid-19 pandemic. But, with a range of specially developed logics solutions, professional physical markets and expanding strategies, Samanea has helped businesses in Asia not just stay afloat, but to grow

September 23, 2020
How Samanea helped businesses boom in a global pandemic
Celebrating Samanea Jakarta Market Phase I Soft Opening

Asia was the fastest-growing major region in the world in 2019. Its economy was thriving, accounting for more than two-thirds of global growth. But, as Covid-19 made its steady spread back in January, the region took a hit at an unprecedented scale

In East Asia and the Pacific, economic growth is projected to come to a near halt, growing just 0.5 percent in 2020, the lowest rate since 1967. This is bad news for small-medium businesses, who have been some of the worst impacted by the pandemic. 

Samanea works closely with businesses owners in the region, and they saw this impact first hand. That’s why, as borders closed and international shipping became near impossible, Samanea started working even closer with their clients, managing their logistics, decoration and distribution to ensure they made it through this difficult period. 

Knowing what a day’s trade means to business owners, Samanea started opening up their Yangon, Phnom Penh, Jakarta and Bangkok Markets to ensure businesses could still turn a profit.

Samanea said that this was no easy decision during a global pandemic, especially as businesses in Southeast Asia were shutting their doors. But, by focusing on ‘soft openings’ and following social distancing measures, they were able to get customers through the door.

To ensure each new Markets is a success in its unique location, the Samanea team created new infrastructure and services both inside and out, tailoring each Market to its local area, for its global tenants and local customers. 

But there’s no one size fits all package for infrastructure and services in the region. It required a great deal of development from the Samanea team, who conducted extensive research to understand the needs of the consumer, the community, and the business owners. 

Samanea works closely with businesses owners in the region, and they saw this impact first hand.

In Cambodia, the Samanea team hit the streets to gain a rich understanding of the local area, making sure they always catered for the needs of the citizens first.

They found a lack of advanced infrastructure for the trading industry. So, they built a 480,000 square metre market with modern design and a solid fire prevention system right on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, just 10 kilometers from the Phnom Penh International Airport, and right in the heart of roads connecting the capital city to the rest of the world.

Samanea Phnom Penh Market Phase I

This is the ideal location for a growing trade location with easy access to trade routes. It allowed high-quality global businesses and local Cambodian dealers to work together, and provided an integrated merchanting experience.

When it came to Jarkata Market, however, Samanea found an altogether different requirement. 

The team noticed an obvious love of social media. An ‘Instragrammable’ creative container market quickly became a necessity for bringing in prospective customers. It was an overwhelming success, with the vibrant colours and iconic design of the Samanea Jakarta market continuously attracting business.

While this was good publicity for the market, it was even better for its tenants to showcase their products, helping them turn influencers into customers, and continually grow during the global pandemic. It’s these intelligent, well-research, integrated business models that are helping businesses thrive.

Samanea Jakarta market colourful containers seen from afar

Now, Samanea are focusing on the support more than ever, focusing on the lingering challenge of imports and exports. 

When it came to Jarkata Market, however, Samanea found an altogether different requirement. 

Where the lone business owner would otherwise struggle, Samanea is  monitoring and upgrading supply chains to improve international trade. The team is implementing logistics solutions to make sure all goods are delivered on time, directly to businesses and customers, wherever they are in the world. 

The pandemic has shown Samanea the importance of connectivity within their community, both in-person and digitally. Through all of this year’s hardships, Samanea and the business owners they work with have, against all odds, not just survived, but thrived. 

But, they’re not stopping at brick and mortar markets. Now, all tenants can expand their business in any existing Samanea Market in Asia, building connections with clients the world over. 

Today it’s Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar. Tomorrow, Dubai, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. 

Samanea are here to grow business, from Asia, to the rest of the world.

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