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Going solo

June's object of desire, the SBU V3 by Focus Designs

Southeast Asia Globe
June 30, 2012
Going solo

June’s object of desire, the SBU V3 by Focus Designs

The SBU V3 by Focus Designs

Running away to join the circus just got that little bit easier. The SBU V3 by Focus Designs is a self-balancing unicycle that should also make the training process slightly less bruise-laden.
Thanks to software systems Turn Assist and Smart Sense, the unicycle actively ‘learns’ a rider’s motions and performs continual safety calculations every second of every ride.
The auto-balance is provided for forward and backward motions and it takes on average just 20 minutes of practice to become proficient. Lean forward to accelerate, lean back to brake and away you go at speeds of up to almost 25km/h. Beating a path to the big top was never meant to be so simple.

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