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Forte Insurance evolves to meet needs of Cambodia's growing economy

SPONSORED: Forte Insurance, the nation's leading insurer, is expanding their popular Medi+ premium health insurance plan to keep up with growing demand Photo supplied

May 19, 2017

SPONSORED: Forte Insurance, the nation’s leading insurer, is expanding their popular Medi+ premium health insurance plan to keep up with growing demand

Photo supplied
Photo supplied

Recognising that the needs of Cambodian consumers are growing in step with the country’s rapid economic growth, Forte Insurance has given its popular Medi+ health plan a facelift, providing more options that keep both Cambodians and expatriates protected.
Previously offered as a single policy, Medi+ is now available in three options – Classic, Advance and Premier, with sums up to $2,500,000 insured per annum. Each plan offers clients flexible premiums, bespoke solutions and benefits that fit their specific needs and budgets.
All three plans offer comprehensive coverage with no lifetime limit on outpatient, hospitalization, or other necessary medical expenditures. They provide clients with an extensive network of quality healthcare providers both locally and in over 150 countries, as well as access to over 750,000 medical providers worldwide.
There’s also the option to add maternity, infant care, vision, dental and war benefits. All three plans come standard with emergency evacuation via land or air, cashless payments and at a global panel of hospitals and 24-hour medical concierge service.
“Although the original Medi+ was a well-received, popular plan when we launched it in 2013, we decided to expand its range to offer more choices and keep up with changing client needs,” said Forte Insurance CEO Charles Cheo. “Our new plans came about after we collated feedback from clients and subsequently, embarked on intensive and exhaustive research and development to launch three different plans that aim to fulfill all requests and demands.”
Cheo said the original Medi+ plan saw a double-digit increase in the number of policyholders since being introduced and an uptake on the percentage of policy renewals. He believes the new offerings will follow suit.
“We are hopeful that our new Medi+ plans will prove equally, if not more, popular,” he said. “More and more people realize the importance of having a comprehensive and flexible healthcare policy that provides them peace of mind, and our new Medi+ plans provide all these, as well as value, innovation and reliability.”

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