Expanding Borneo’s rice wine, suppressing Thai nonprofits

A traditional drink gains new followers and advocacy groups face possible rollbacks

June 4, 2022
Expanding Borneo’s rice wine, suppressing Thai nonprofits

Hello Globe readers,

For many people, the beginning of summer is an opportunity to see family and friends or just slow down and relax. Southeast Asia Globe has embraced that ethos as 2022 reaches the halfway mark. The easing of Covid-19 travel restrictions has given some of our staff members a chance to reconnect and refuel and Globe is adjusting as a result.

Throughout June, Globe will reduce its publication schedule from five to two stories each week. Sightlines also will slow, but not stop, and publish every other week until July. You can expect to see the editorial newsletter on 17 June and then on 1 July, highlighting the original stories of the previous two weeks, before returning to our regular schedule each Friday.

This week, Globe featured two intriguing stories representing our Life and Power pillars. The first describes a resurgence in rice wine from Malaysia’s Sarawak region, which has gained popularity through new flavour combinations while staying true to its indigenous roots. We followed with a report on a proposed law in Thailand that could empower the government to curb the work of nonprofit organisations whose activists are trying to be a force for good throughout the Kingdom.

In lieu of a full slate of Globe stories, we recommend you check out some of the articles our staff has been reading about the region. Nikkei Asia reported on Apple moving operations for some of its iPad components to Vietnam; Radio Free Asia detailed the financial dealings of a Cambodian diplomat with a curious past; and VOA related details of an Amnesty International report claiming Myanmar’s junta used airstrikes on civilians as “collective punishment” for dissent.

Please enjoy the feature stories below as we work on reconnecting with you again later this month.

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