Article length
generally from 800 – 1,500 words

Photography pitch
We love photography and want to show off your work as best as we can. We will consider running photo essays with 3–12 photographs either as stand-alone pieces, or as a photo feature within an article.

If you require a fee or payment please make sure that prior to commencing an article or other content for us, you have agreed to a fee. Fees are regionally competitive and commensurate on experience and the nature of the piece.

Rejections / Kill fees
We commission articles based on a pitch or idea and after we check respective writing samples. In case of non-sufficient research, poor delivery not following our guidelines, poor communication with the author, identified plagiarism etc., we might outright reject a piece at any time in the editorial process without compensation. 

We may decide that we can not proceed working on a piece due to a number of possible other reasons: a change in the topic’s timeliness, overlap with a similar story published elsewhere, no availability of illustrative materials, etc. In such cases, we will pay between 25 – 50% of the originally agreed upon fee, depending on when in the process such a decision has been made.

We will notify a concerned freelancer as soon as possible on such a decision.

Rights: Our terms and conditions for freelance contributors build on previous terms and conditions. To stay in tune with technology and our own evolution into an online-only publication we constantly update them to reflect current developments and industry standards.

If you are a contributor to the print and online version of Southeastern Globe, the predecessor of, or to any of our print publications prior to 2019 and are unsure about the legal status of your contribution, please contact us. Generally, all content produced since 2007 includes print and digital rights also for updated versions of our website since its launch in 2007.

All content may be promoted via our social media channels without time limit and will be archived online and made available for future reference. We may republish key stories on an anniversary or commemoration. Content may be updated as per the development of this website, re-designed or re-edited as per the future development of our style guides.

We reserve exclusive rights for an assigned piece of work for a period of 3 months following publication. Submitted articles may require a shorter period of exclusivity, please check with our editorial team for an individual arrangement.

Authors should provide an update if they become aware of any information or facts that have been overlooked or wrongfully included.

Please ask for a detailed document at regarding our most recent and current freelance conditions should you require one.

What to consider when pitching a story?

Original voice
Write a story by describing the views from directly concerned people. For example, if you describe the solar energy industry in a market: include the view from someone who needs affordable power or has relevant experience; a legislator; a technician or an environmental expert; etc. Also include social media commentary by concerned groups and relevant people on the topic.

The best article cannot run without photos or illustrations. Please make sure you have discussed with your editor how to make your article come to life visually.

If producing the story requires additional resources, provide an idea of a required budget for Travel, a translator or fixer, photographer etc.

House style
We have some in-house style elements that you could take a look at first.

Tell our readers how they can engage with others who care about the issue. Share names and organisations and links or contacts.