Conflict of interest

This week we looked at what Brexit means for British relations with Southeast Asian nations, how the future of Phnom Penh’s Cham community still remains uncertain today after being handed a one-week eviction notice two months ago, the innovative technology being used to fight poaching and environmental disasters in the region, and more.

Julija Veljkovic
January 31, 2020
Conflict of interest

As the reported cases of coronavirus grow, our interactive map – updated daily – tracks how 2019-nCoV is spreading across the globe. We also provide a breakdown of key information related to the virus. 

“We know that the land does not belong to us, and we have no intention to hog it,” community leader of the Chroy Changvar Cham people and local imam, Y You said. “We just want a proper place to stay.” 

We spoke to members of Phnom Penh’s Cham community about what relocation would mean for their livelihoods and income prospects.

“I’ve personally seen a patient experience more intense symptoms which could have been prevented or [had] better treatment outcomes if the assessment, treatment or intervention had been provided earlier,” said Ellisha, director of SOLS Health. 

While affordable and effective treatment for mental health conditions exists in Malaysia, it remains out of reach to many, due to a constricting mental healthcare system. [2018 Top Read]

Technologies like drones are being used to fight increasing rates of wildfires and wildlife crime. In Indonesia’s Borneo, drones are being used to capture valuable data related to wildfires, arming a team of local firefighters with the context they need to locate troubled fire zones.

Dr Carlo Bonura of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies weighs in on what Brexit could mean for British relations with Southeast Asian nations.
“The problem facing Boris Johnson’s government is that current trade tensions between the EU and Southeast Asia will force it to take positions that could either betray its core values and/or antagonise potential ASEAN trading partners.”

Singapore has long held an image as a clean, safe, rich nation. Photographer Tom White went behind-the-scenes, revealing a grittier, darker, side of Southeast Asia’s economic powerhouse. [Top Read from 2018]

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