30 Year Anniversary Report

As Cambodia closed the door on decades of conflict, the Centre for Development Resource Institute (CDRI) stepped in to support the transition to a peaceful society by providing training to the government officials and key stakeholders that would come to lead the nation. Now celebrating its thirtieth year, CDRI has become the leading research institution in the country, with committed researchers who are laying the foundation of Cambodia’s future as a knowledge-based society.


Progress and Pitfalls: plotting a path towards prosperity

As Cambodia continues to mature economically, charting this trajectory becomes an essential part of ensuring the nation’s ongoing progress. The Centre for Development Economics and Trade has taken the lead in mapping and analysing this growth and providing policy makers with valuable data to shape the economic future of the nation Read More

CDRI works to produce independent, objective, high quality policy-relevant development research, to maximise its accessibility to policy makers, influencers and stakeholders and to have it affect policy in five interrelated areas that are key for Cambodia’s sustainable development:

  • Policy Research in Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Development Economics and Trade
  • Educational Research and Innovation
  • Natural Resources and Environment
  • Governance and Inclusive Society

CDRI undertakes its programmes and projects in partnership with Cambodian government institutions and their international development partners, other research and tertiary education institutions and civil society organisations. It disseminates its research knowledge and products through a number of communication strategies: conferences, workshops, seminars, broadcast media, print media, library collection and information sharing, small group communication and interpersonal communication.

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