Cambodia enters a new era

Cambodia prepares for a change in political leadership from father to son while urban poors continue to increase amidst economic challenges and fast city developments.

July 30, 2023
Cambodia enters a new era

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Today it’s the last weekly newsletter of July and we are already looking forward to seeing what August has in store for us.

In the meantime, let’s dive right into the latest features. The week began with the foreseen victory of the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) in Sunday’s general election. Just a couple of days later, Prime Minister Hun Sen, the country’s top leader for 38 years, announced he’d soon hand office to his eldest son, Hun Manet. 

Over nearly four decades of Hun Sen’s leadership, both the country and the region have been fast-urbanising. But the rapid development of urban areas has often led to overlooked pockets of poverty within the city landscape. Recent studies show how a holistic approach to improving informal settlements could increase the countries’ GDP by as much as 10.5%. 

Optimistic reports also come from the Asian Development Bank and economic experts who believe the region is fighting on amidst the rising cost of living and growing inflation. The region is also adapting its emergency response techniques to the escalation of global natural disasters, which especially affect the Asia and the Pacific region. 

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