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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

As virus exposes Cambodia’s fragility, Industry 4.0 vision more crucial than ever

Grand Industry 4.0 visions have long been on the agenda of regional leaders, from Thailand 4.0 to Make in Vietnam campaigns. But in Cambodia, still heavily reliant on an unskilled workforce, just how to create a tech-driven economy for the benefit of all remains unclear.

Anakut episode four: What does it mean to be Cambodian?

On Anakut this week we delve into identity and culture, asking that grandest of questions: what does it mean to be Cambodian in 2020? Joining Meng and Andrew in the studio to unpack this are festival organiser Lomorpich Rithy and budding Focus – Ready for tomorrow reporter Phannaro Nhem. Full disclosure, Focus is a Southeast Asia Globe‘s sister publication for a Khmer language audience.

The podcast can found on Apple, Google and Spotify (not available in Cambodia).

Life on hold for region’s refugees as resettlement shrinks during pandemic

An already lengthy process, refugee resettlement has taken a major hit during the pandemic. With the US and Australia announcing further quota cuts in recent weeks, the chance of a new life for many refugees stuck in Southeast Asia looks slimmer than ever.

The great debate: A peek into Timor-Leste’s history through language

Timor-Leste’s long history of colonisation and occupation has left its linguistic mark on the country. Today, with two official languages and two working languages in operation, a debate over what tongue to use and when is underway in the tiny island nation.

Shunted off Facebook, Indonesia’s Islamists turn to Instagram

With more than 130 million users in Indonesia alone, Facebook has long been the platform of choice for extremists in the archipelago. But with Facebook tightening its controls over extremist content, many are turning to Instagram to promote the cause.

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